Services We Offer

We offer a range of other therapies all based within our Swadlincote Clinic


Massage therapies
Massage therapy, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage

We've all been there, and perhaps a little too often!  Stressed, exhausted, can't shut down your brain, tight and aching muscles.  Why not let us transport your weary body and mind to a world of relaxation in our "Asia" inspired spa room.  We offer different types of massage from deep tissue/sports massage to a more relaxing swedish massage. 


Prices are: £40 for a full body massage and £30 for back, neck and shoulder.  To book an appointment, please contact the clinic on 01283 216770.

Nutritional therapy
Nutritional therapy, Nutritionist, Dietician, Nutrition

We are all unique individuals with specific nutritional and lifestyle needs, depending on our age, gender, genes etc.  Influences such as poor dietary choices, stressful lives, poor sleep can leave us feeling below par.  Sometimes we eat well but the type of foods, or when we eat, may not be right for us.  By addressing these areas even small changes can make a significant difference to how we feel. 


For more information, prices or to arrange an appointment please visit: www.optimumyou.eu

Colonic Hydrotherapy
Colonics, Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonic Irrigation, Burton, Swadlincote, Derby, Ashby

Are your bowels controlling your life? Are you always bloated, tired, constipated or are your motions flowing from one extreme to another? Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms getting you down? Or do you just fancy a bit of a detox? Discover the benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy in our clinic.


For more information please call 01283 216770

Hypnotherapy :: Counselling :: Emotional Freedom Technique

Throughout our lives a variety of challenging issues and circumstances may emanate affecting our lifestyle and well-being. With our qualified clinical hypnotherapist, integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor and EFT practitioner, your holistic well-being is of paramount importance and she will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.


For more information, prices or to arrange an appointment please visit: www.smartlifetherapies.co.uk