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Our Chiropractor
Colin Evans - Chiropractor BSc, MSc, D.C.


Colin was born on the island of Bermuda and has lived in Carnoustie, Scotland from the age of 10. He is a keen sportsman having played golf for 20+ years at Carnoustie (near St. Andrews) and also has a special interest in boxing, after he boxed for his university team. Colin also swam for the junior Scotland squad at age 14, played badminton for his county and was a black belt in taekwondo when he was ten years old.

Colin completed a Bachelor of Science in human anatomy and physiology at the University of Dundee in 2000 and went on to complete the 4 year Masters programme in chiropractic at the University of Glamorgan in South Wales in 2009.
Colin’s interest in chiropractic began when his mother developed ‘sciatica’ and was given painkillers and physical therapy for a period lasting over 6 months, during which her condition worsened to the point that she could no longer walk or even dress herself unaided.

A friend suggested a chiropractor but Colin was sceptical. He said “If chiropractic really worked our G.P. would have told us all about it and even who to go and see.” As a last resort, with his mother’s condition worsening Colin took her to see a chiropractor. “I carried her in on my shoulder and within half an hour she walked out on her own, without any help!” At this point Colin realised the profession of chiropractic could be right up his street and he began to shadow several chiropractors before commencing his studies.

Your first visit and what to expect


In order to get to the root cause of your problem and pain we will first ask you to complete a confidential medical history form that you can download from here and complete at home to save yourself some time. Please bring the form with you and if you have any trouble we can give you the form to fill in when you arrive. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to do this.


The consultation


We will then sit down in private and discuss the problem in detail. A lot of information will be required to build a complete picture of what the likely cause is and in addition how your current health status may affect our treatment strategies. For people who are deemed unsuitable for chiropractic care, there will be NO charge for this service.


The examination


Chiropractors use an extensive range of neurological and orthopaedic tests to assess your posture, nervous system, joints and muscles. These tests are designed to determine how well these areas function and what is causing your discomfort. We may also examine your heart, lungs, eyes, ears and abdomen if required and these tests are normal in chiropractic practice. If we identify anything that needs the attention of your G.P, we will advise you.




Chiropractors are qualified to take and interpret X-rays. Only a small proportion of patients are X-rayed, and even then, only if there is medically justifiable reason.


So what is wrong with me, can you help and what will the cost be?


Once all the investigations have been completed we will discuss the results and your diagnosis. Generally speaking the longer you have had a condition the longer it will take to get better. The chiropractor will advise you how many visits you will need to get the desired result.


What does the treatment involve?


Chiropractors use adjustments which are precise, highly skilled manipulations to gently restore normal joint function. They also use numerous physical therapies and will advise you of specific exercises, stretches and lifestyle modifications to both speed recovery and help prevent reoccurrence. Some people will require supportive or maintenance care on an infrequent basis should the problem return.


Chiropractic care may help with a range of musculoskeletal issues:


• Back Pain and Neck pain
• Leg Pain and Sciatica
• Frozen shoulder and tennis elbow
• Muscle spasms and cramps
• Cervicogenic Headaches
• Joint pain and stiffness
• Shoulder, Knee and Hip pain



"I had been given painkillers, anti inflammatory medication and a referral to physio for a back problem. The physiotherapy referral was going to take at least 8 weeks and I was desperate for some help. No one had made a diagnosis of what the actual problem was until I had an assessment with Colin Evans. He correctly identified that I had a problem with my sacroiliac joint which I had been given steroid injections in 19 years ago (I had not mentioned this to him but he diagnosed it clinically). With the help of a course of treatment and ongoing weekly sessions, I have been able to continue exercising. If it was not for this treatment I would have been off sick from my work, taking lots of medication with horrible side effects, not doing any exercise and still waiting for any proper diagnosis or treatment.  Many thanks."  -Hilary McAulay, Senior NHS Clinical Effectiveness Practitioner



" I have had chronic back pain with long acute episodes due to wear and tear in my job as a nurse.  My sister suggested Chiropractic sessions, I was sceptical. However I have been under the treatment of Colin Evans and he has been very supportive of me through my acute stage and I now have a maintenance programme. Years of painkillers now resolved. Would highly recommend Colin.”  -Pamela Livingstone, Senior Charge Nurse



"I initially came to Colin with a neck and shoulder problem having accepted my recurring lower back pain as here to stay after 20 years of problems.  The neck and shoulder problem was sorted after four sessions, the back problem took a bit longer but now with regular sessions six weeks apart I'm able to keep to my fitness training more consistently.  I'm nearly 50 and since getting my back sorted I've lost two and a half stone and I've started running ultra marathons." -Stephen Blythe



"When I met Colin in October 2010 I was facing the possibility of surgery on my spine, I had a pronounced limp and chronic constant lower back pain.  Within a few weeks of my 1st treatment, the symptoms were noticeably reduced.  I now have as close to a normal lifestyle as I have had in 15 years.  Colin, I truly cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me."  -Martin Hogg



"Pain and loss of movement in my neck and shoulders prompted me to come to Colin. I spend a lot of time doing craft work and sewing, which is a repetitive action. After ten sessions the pain free movement is remarkable, so with a little exercise and continued chiropractic maintenance I hope to keep enjoying my hobbies for years to come."  -Elenor Forbes

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